Things You Need To Know About Mariner Outboards

Things You Need To Know About Mariner Outboards

Mariner Outboards are a popular choice for many people who enjoy boating. Mariner has been making outboard engines since 1955; they have an extensive line of boats to choose from and Mariner Outboard engines. In this article, we will look at the things you need to know about these Outboards.

What are the Things You Need to Know About Mariner Outboards?
Mariner has cutting-edge technology that allows for smoother starts when maneuvering in tight quarters. Mariner also makes upgrades to their models, which you can ask your Mariner dealer about.
Mariner is a division of Mercury Marine, one of the most well-known boat engine manufacturers around today.

Mariner engines are built for extended life. Mariner makes all of their marine engines with top-quality components, so they can last for years and years without needing any major overhauls or repairs. Mariners have a reputation for being sturdy outboards that will take quite the beating before giving up on you. Mariner offers two different types of power systems – traditional gasoline-powered outboards as well as electric trolling motors. Whether your boat has an inflatable raft in it or not, Mariner has excellent options available to help get you where you need to go safely and efficiently!

Marine manufacturers make many claims about how long their boats will last if properly maintained. Still, Mariner backs this claim up by offering warranties on almost all of their outboard engines. Mariner offers a two-year warranty on the powerheads and crankshafts but also has an optional extended warranty that you can purchase for up to three years after your initial factory coverage expires!

Mariners are known for their ease in docking, responsiveness underway, quiet operation, and smooth acceleration (especially between shifts). Mariner Outboards have earned this reputation through research and development efforts focused squarely on maximizing boating performance. The result is cutting-edge technology like Mariner’s exclusive TripTitan™ gearcase. This system allows boat operators to shift gears without ever lifting from the throttle resulting in smoother starts and better control when maneuvering in tight quarters. Mariner makes it to upgrade, too – ask any Mariner dealer about Mariner Select Plus. It’s a package of popular upgrades to the most popular outboard models at an affordable price.
Mariner allows you to enjoy your ride more by increasing performance, making shifting easier than before, and providing smooth acceleration no matter where you go! The entire line of Mariners XB Series MotorGuide trolling motors can be found on our site under Motors and Parts. We carry Mariner Outboard replacement parts that can be found under Motors and Replacement Parts.

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