Top 3 Myths About Becoming A Successful Model

Top 3 Myths About Becoming A Successful Model

For decades, the modelling career had proved unattainable for majority of people due to its strict requirements. If you weren’t built a certain way or was past a certain age, you couldn’t even attempt to show up for an audition. Sadly, this is still the situation out there—well, at least for many people. This is why today, we want to set the record straight and debunk some old myths about becoming a super model.

1. All models are skinny

You have heard this one a million times already. When you glance at your screen and social media profiles, your hopes of ever launching a modelling career dwindle further. However, there’s space for you at the modelling industry if you weigh more than 100 pounds. With the high demand of models who display the size of a majority of women out there, more agencies including Elite Model Management are responding to the need in the market. Models who are curvy and voluptuous are now rising in popularity with many of them making their way to super stardom. So, if you are big or curvy, bold and beautiful and truly understands how to work it, you should note that many top agencies are looking for you.

2. You have to be tall

Again, things are changing. It’s true, if you are above 5’9″, you have a high likelihood of becoming a runway and editorial model but if you are not, don’t panic. There are plenty of opportunities for shorter models out there. Otherwise how did supermodels Kate Moss and Aaron Frew achieve such high levels of success while being under the 5’9″ category? There are agencies who hire even models who are 5’3″ and 5’4″. So, don’t fret if an agency cannot sign you up because of height issues; there are a substantial commercial market that is open to models of all heights.

3. Agencies only pick young models

When you look at Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, and other successful professional models, you can’t help but wonder if you will ever get the attention of any big modelling agency in your thirties. However, the same way consumers are now interested in a better representation of a real person, is the same way they demand for models of different age categories. There are plenty of products that require mature models including healthcare, travel industry, pharmaceutical, and high fashion. Your age could just be a blessing in disguise.

The days of signing skinny, tall, and young models only are coming to an end. Modelling agencies including Elite Model Management are keen on following consumer trends, part of which includes having plumper, shorter, and mature models on their arsenal.

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