Top 4 Tricks To Use Employee Testimonials To Attract Top Talents In Your Industry

Top 4 Tricks To Use Employee Testimonials To Attract Top Talents In Your Industry

The success of any organization largely depends on its workforce. With this in mind, human resource managers are always coming up with ways of luring top talent into their fold. Nevertheless, some of them tend to overlook employee testimonials as one of the best tools for attracting the Crème de la Crème in their industries. By exploiting a few tricks, you can easily net the finest employees for your company.

1. Put your Employees First

Too many businesses consider customer satisfaction a first priority. In other words, everything revolves around the customer. Some companies go to the extent of firing or reprimanding members of their staff simply because they think that the customer was not royally treated. Don’t go down that road. Love, trust and respect your employees and they will not only give the same to your customers but will also let the world—including potential employees—know about it.

2. Recruit your Employees as Ambassadors for your Brand

The world sees your company through your employees. Therefore, inculcate a culture of caring for one another as well as the organization. In addition, you should let your staff members set up LinkedIn profiles meant for creation of talent ambassadors and communicating with potential candidates gifted with top talent. The employees are also the greatest resource when it comes to creating content that will promote the culture of the organization.

3. Let Your Employees Tell their Story

Nothing beats a personal experience story. Even the most outstanding mission statements and visions will score poorly when pitted against a story by one of your employees. Remember that everyone would like to hear first-hand what it is like to work for you. Some people will even turn down higher salaries to settle for a company that really values their employees and their input.

4. Use Videos for Testimonials

Videos have a way of attracting attention. They are considered authentic. While written testimonials are great, encouraging your employees to speak about their work at the company will work wonders when it comes to attracting top talent. They will believe it simply because they see it.

Final Remarks

When choosing a new company to work for, many talented people today do not look at how much money or perks they will get. They are attracted by the opportunities for developing their careers as well as the flexibility and freedom at the workplace. Put in another way, they value their experience as employees. Therefore, they take employee testimonials seriously. They provide a means of peering into the company before they make their decision.

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