Top 8 Gift Flower Care And Handling Tips In Kalgoorlie

Top 8 Gift Flower Care And Handling Tips In Kalgoorlie

You don’t need any special training to keep your gift flowers healthy—as a matter of fact, you don’t need to do much. With just a few care and handling tips, your flower will be a beautiful reminder of the occasion that was associated with it for many weeks to come. Without much ado, here are tips on how to handle and take care of your gift flowers in Kalgoorlie.

1. Put your flowers in water

Always allow your vase water to settle before putting in flowers. This allows air bubbles to escape which ensures the water is at room temperature. Besides, air bubbles interfere with the uptake of water by sticking to the bottom of the stem.

2. Put the flowers in a clean bucket

Clean your bucket to remove any dust or impurities. Use a sponge with hot water to carefully wash the basket. Put the bucket upside down and allow it to dry naturally instead of using a towel.

3. Always add flower food

Only mix flower food to your bucket of water and ensure it fully dissolves by stirring. This gives nutrients to the flowers and also prevents bacteria. You can purchase flower food from your local florist in Kalgoorlie.

4. Remove any foliage

Remove any foliage that may lie below the waterline. This is because it’s likely to cause bacteria buildup. Remove it using sharp and clean scissors or shears.

5. Cut the stem base at an angle

Cut flower stems about an inch from each other. This should be at an angle to create a large surface area for water absorption. It also prevents the stem ends from lying flat on the container and blocking the absorption process.

6. Don’t overdose flowers

If your flowers are split into small bouquets, be cautious not to overdose them with flower food. Where did you buy flowers in Kalgoorlie? Inquire from your florist on the right amount to use.

7. Suitable location

Always keep your flowers in a cool environment. This is because heat causes these flowers to transpire more than they can uptake. This eventually leads to wilting.

8. Check regularly

Check your flowers at least 2-3 days. Take the flowers out of their bucket or vase to trim and change them. Additionally, check that the flower water is always clear and clean rather than cloudy.

Taking care of your gift flowers in Kalgoorlie has never been this easy. The above handling and care tips will ensure that your flowers remain fresh. There is always a difference between flowers that are well taken care of and those that are neglected.

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