Top Reasons To Invest In Living Green Walls

Living green walls offer homes, offices and public spaces a touch of verdant magic. For decades now scientists have been researching how the quality of air that people breathe affects their health and life. Green walls are the perfect solution. These living walls contain numerous sections into which plants are installed. They add an interesting touch to any space, and can even be used to separate a large room. With these wonderful structures it is possible to add a touch of green even in areas that lack the space or the right setting for potted plants.

Advantages of Green Walls

Most of us spend most part of our days indoors and often do not give much thought to indoor air quality. We are mostly unaware of the fact that toxic fumes surround us and affect our health and our life performance. Plants absorb carbon dioxide from the environment and release oxygen. Some unique plant species are also capable of absorbing harmful gases, and particulate. And thus, improve the air quality in the area around the living wall.

Having plants in one’s immediate surroundings offers you and your loved ones many benefits. The green garden walls are quite like conventional walls, except they have containers in which plants are placed in soil or growing material. Most living green walls also have a water delivery system. This of course eliminates the hassle of watering the plants manually.
Plants help keep the indoor air clean and healthy. This is why thousands of offices and apartment complexes are opting to install vertical gardens, as are individuals. In some cities local governments have installed them in public areas that lack greenery.

Installation of Vertical Green Garden

Bio or green walls can be installed in several different ways, based on the needs of the project. In some cases the structure to build this magnificent vertical garden can be attached to an existing wall with mounting clips. The green wall is kept several inches away from the existing wall. Since the wall is not in contact with the plant life its condition and integrity is unaffected. In other cases a skeletal structure is created with enclosures for the saplings and a water network in place.

Green walls can be installed in almost any building or open space. It would be a good idea to speak to a few businesses in your area that offer such walls. Alternatively, you can go online and do some market research. This will give you a good idea of what kind of a wall would suit your purpose best.

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