Top Tips For First-Timers In A Hip-Hop Night Club In Prague

Top Tips For First-Timers In A Hip-Hop Night Club In Prague

There are two major things that define hip hop night clubs in Prague; amazing drinks and lovely music. Therefore, expect to find a full-packed bar and a spacious dance floor when you visit such a fun spot for the first time. So many things are said about hip hop clubs — some good and others bad. The smart thing, however, is not to believe everything that you hear and to just go there and have your own experience.

Here are the top tips that you may find useful once you make the decision:

1. Dress Appropriately

It’s not bad to show some skin but you don’t have to overdo it. Just ensure you are not too suggestive so that you don’t invite nasty comments from people. Your clothes need to be comfortable with you and to everyone around you. In this age of smartphones, somebody can also take your photos and share them online. When this happens, you may find yourself trending for the wrong reasons, which may ultimately impact your personality and image.

2. Bring a Buddy

Everyone has someone that they are close to and who always has their back. So, bring such a person on your first visit to a Prague nightclub. Your buddy will provide you companionship while ensuring that you are safe at the spot.

3. Carry an ID

You may be 18 by appearance but no one will take your word for it. You need to show physical proof and it comes in the form of an ID. You’ll have to show it at the entrance of the club. Besides, the ID can be used to identify you in case something bad happens to you.

4. Be Watchful

Not everyone at the club is there to have a fun time. Some are there to look for preys that they can steal from, cheat or abuse. Thus, you have to be watchful. Keep your money and other personal belongings safe. You can leave them with your buddy when you step out of your sitting place.

5. Don’t Drive

Lastly, you don’t want to be bundled to court for DUI charges. So, you should not drive after drinking. Just call a cab or ask a friend to come and pick you once you are done with the fun.


The hip hop nightclubs in Prague are generally amazing when it comes to creating first-time memories. However, this is dependent on what you do or do not do there. Using the above tips, it should be easier to have a better first-time experience.

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