Top Tips For Skillful Editorial Cinemagraphs For Brand Promotion

Top Tips For Skillful Editorial Cinemagraphs For Brand Promotion

Cinemagraphs have one special quality that you can’t get on any other brand promotion approach: they can combine videos with still images. This ensures that the message you are trying to promote is able to reach its intended audience. The secret, however, is to edit the images properly to suit your target market. Remember that cinemagraphs will start as your typical videos and images that you will then edit and composite. So, it is critical to plan your final look. For instance, you need to establish the parts of the frame that will be moving and the parts that will be still. Without further ado, here are 5 tips for skillful editorial cinemagraphs Los Angeles that you should remember:

1. Perfect Overlaying

The first thing that you have to do when producing Cinemagraphs is shooting the footage. After that, you should capture still photos that represent your brand. The next thing is to place the still on top of the footage. You have to do it perfectly to get the best Cinemagraphs.

2. Identify an Almost-Perfect Loop

When shooting Cinemagraphs, it’s almost impossible to obtain perfect shots. That’s why post-shooting editing is important. When editing, however, you should look for a loop that is clean and near-perfect. This is what you should work with. It will ease video transition when played over and over again.

3. Feather the Margins

You need to give the edges of your Cinemagraphs a smooth look. To do it, you’ll need to use the feather feature on your editing application. You should polish the margins until the images assume a cleaner look. This gives them an attractive spark. The more attractive the Cinemagraphs look, the higher the chances you are to reach your targeted audience effectively.

4. Modify the Lighting

In case you didn’t produce the Cinemagraphs under quality light, you should add some light when you do the editing. You have to ensure that the post-production light looks fixed so that your Cinemagraphs can look lively. It should be concentrated on where the action is on the Cinemagraphs.

5. Mask the Still Area

Lastly, it’s important that you mask out (using the mask out feature on your editing app) the still area. This will give you refined Cinemagraphs. Once you have the results that you wanted, you can go ahead to export your Cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraphs are crucial for promoting your brand in LA and other target markets. However, for the perfect editorial cinemagraphs Los Angeles, you have to give extra considerations to your post-shooting. It takes skills to do it and it begins with the above tips.

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