TRX Band Workouts For Door Mounts

TRX Band Workouts For Door Mounts

It’s hard to maintain a fitness regimen if you travel a lot. You don’t have a dedicated space for your workouts as you shift from one hotel to another. You probably don’t have a dedicated time since you are at the mercy of plane and train schedules. You can’t carry much equipment in your bag either. One of the best solutions is to develop TRX band workouts that fit your goals. These weigh next to nothing yet they deliver excellent versatility and high maximum resistance. You just need to mount the top to a sturdy anchor. For travelers, this could be the door in your hotel room.

Door Positioning

It’s best to position yourself on the side of the door that sees it opening away. This is a safety measure. The force will be directed to the door frame, which is quite solid, instead of the door itself, which can move by accident. However, this may not be possible all the time. If you have to face the door as it opens inward, then just make sure that you lock it before starting. This will give you the peace of mind that it won’t budge even when you lean on it and make it carry your weight.

Mount to the Hinges

Slide the door anchor as close to the hinges as possible. This will reduce the rotation force exerted on the door as you will be applying pressure close to the fulcrum of the lever. It you mount it on the opposite side, then you will feel the door moving more and that won’t inspire much confidence. Moving the strap to the hinges doesn’t take much effort but it will make a world of difference. It may force the mount into a corner of the room so you will just have to adjust your setup.

Lengthen the Straps

If you find yourself too close to one wall because of the door mount, then move away from the wall such that the TRX band forms a diagonal instead of a perpendicular line with respect to the door. You might have to lengthen the straps to give yourself enough space for your exercises.

Exercise Options

You fill your TRX band workouts with your preferred exercises for the upper body, lower body, or the core. Beginners may try TRX rows, chest presses, curls, and flies. If these are too easy, then try leaning more into the mount or using a single arm instead of two.

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