Understanding Foam Board Printing

Understanding Foam Board Printing

Foam core mounting is a catchy, versatile and affordable material for showcasing images and displaying words. The mounting steps are rather straightforward and quick. Nevertheless, Foam Board Printing requires reasonable skill and precision. Well, let’s delve deep into the entire process and essentially the information about mounting and printing onto the foam core.

To begin with, foam core mounting is a popular display technique that entails adhering a photo or a poster to a board having a foam core as well as a matte paper surface. Mounting an image on a Foam Board Printing is a very attractive way to highlight an image without necessarily overwhelming it. Moreover, it is affordable, lightweight and durable when they are displayed indoors.

Foam core is a brawny, light material that is pliable, making it the best pick for mounting banners, posters and photographic prints. It is made of polystyrene clad middle portion with white clay-coated, matte paper foaming the outer layers. Foam core is known by other names such as “paper-faced foam”, “foam board” and “foam core”.

The mounting technique entails fixing a photographic image onto a foam board as a way of display. This can achieved by using adhesive spray, glue or double-sided adhesive sheets. Of note is that most foam core boards are packaged with their own self-adhesive coatings.

Professional mounting and printing services are quite inexpensive, quick and most importantly, frustration-free. On the other hand, it is very possible to mount posters or print on your own; or the rather do-it-yourself foam core mounting. Actually, many people have tied doing it on their own successfully. Nevertheless, bear in mind the fact that, the bigger the print, the more complex the process will turn out to be when one is devoid of adequate skill, proper tools and the appropriate work space. Using improper techniques and materials can result in conspicuous bubbles, warping or wrinkles. The rule of thumb is: if a print shop is required to print out the image to be mounted on the foam board then a print shop is likewise needed to carry out the foam core mounting.

It is key to note that mounting prints and posters on a foam board is a quick and affordable way to create an impression. Since foam core is ultra-light in weight, bigger images can be suspended from ceilings or hung on walls with great ease. The boards are also very portable and therefore can be carried around very conveniently. This artwork is designed for convenience.

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