Video Advertising Company Seattle

Video Advertising Company Seattle

It is necessary to find the right compromise between weight and stability. A tripod of reduced weight and size will certainly be easier to carry around but will suffer in stability, obviously it all depends on the weight of the camera that is mounted above. One thing to take into account for the legs is that its height extensibility does not negatively affect stability.

The leveling

An important element is the bubble, generally placed on the head, is essential for making straight shots adapting to the ground. On this subject we need a moment to go back to the topic of the head. A distinction must be made concerning the attack between head and legs. In the most economical models this is based on the classic 3/8 screw connection.

The best solution is instead the ball attack, because it allows you to level directly acting on the adjustment of the head, without touching the legs. Like the following example. Obviously in this case it is necessary that the legs are compatible with the purchased head. This is not an aspect of fundamental importance, but it certainly speeds up framing operations.

Video editing techniques: building the sense of narrative

Knowing how to use video editing software like Video Advertising Company Seattle is not enough to make a good video. In fact, fitting does not mean just putting together pieces of video (clips), rather it means creating a narrative sense. As in the face of a blank sheet, words are used to create a content, in the same way we use images on the timeline, to give it a complete sense.

Needless to say, a good shot and a good idea, screenplay or storyboard, are the basis of a good video, but it is also true that through the montage the ideas take the final shape. With good editing it is also possible to create new content, or make sense of video materials shot badly or without a specific purpose.

The editing is born with the cinema and there is a vast literature on the subject, we talk about the masters of cinema who made history. But here we do not talk about the history of cinema (which is good to investigate) but how to deal with a video editing if you’re a beginner until you can match Video Advertising Company Seattle.


If a good job of decomposing in several frames has been done while shooting, half of the work is already done, in the sense that it is a matter of putting together the good shots. During editing, the rhythm is played by deciding the duration of the single shots.

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