What To Look For In Interview Transcription Services

What To Look For In Interview Transcription Services

Interview transcription services are often used by researchers, reporters, businesses, lawyers, and other professionals. The transcription helps them immensely as they try to edit the audio or video. It is easier to highlight vital points and cut out unnecessary parts before publishing. It is also extremely beneficial is you want to be found via an online search. The text is probably loaded with keywords that can capture traffic to your site. Some avail of this service simply to improve their interviewing skills by examining the flow of the conversation. It is so much faster to browse through text than video, after all.

If you are looking for a service provider, then make sure that you are including the following factors in your decision-making process:


The company should be able to provide the transcript when you need it. Some people can wait a while but others need it right away. It might be possible to select the turnaround time depending on your requirements. Just be aware that you are probably going to pay more for emergency services as it is much more difficult to complete jobs this way. You should be able to trust their advertised turnaround times. Read customer reviews to see how well they were able to stick to their word.


Transcripts are only valuable if they are accurate representations of what actually transpired during the interview. Even a single word that is omitted or changed can have a profound effect on the meaning of the conversation. This is especially true in highly technical fields like medicine, engineering, law, science, and the like. The quality of the transcription should be exceptionally high. It will take a skilled and experienced person to produce this.


Sensitive information may be exchanged during the course of the interview. You don’t want this leaking to the public or parties that may be interested in the contents. After all, not every interview is meant for publishing. You should contact a transcription provider that has a strong non-disclosure agreement with its staff. The files in their possession should also be secure with limited access.


The cost of transcription is usually based on the length of the interview. Expect to be charged a few dollars by the minute. This may be lower or high depending on the provider, the technicality of the content, the clarity of the audio, the number of people speaking, the desired turnaround time, and other factors.

Find a trusted interview transcription services to get the best results.

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