Why Can’t You Touch A Stripper At A Strip Club?

Why Can’t You Touch A Stripper At A Strip Club?

Strip clubs have their own rules. While the dancers are there for the enjoyment of its patrons, they have rules in order to ensure the safety of their dancers and other employees. While the rules may be few, one of the standard rules is that a patron is not generally allowed to touch the dancers. While there are exceptions to that rule, this rule is usually enforced pretty strenuously, especially in the better clubs; again, as the rule is in place to ensure the safety of the dancers, this makes enforcement of the rule part of every night business.

So Why Can’t You Touch a Stripper? The rule is in place due to the illegality of prostitution, comfort zones, club policy, and simple economics. Prostitution is illegal in most states and clubs do whatever they can in order to separate themselves from a merely enjoyable entertainment and the possibility of trading sexual favors for money. The easiest way to do this is to simply make sure that there is some distance between the patrons and the dancers. This is also the reason that most strip clubs will not allow patrons to touch the dancers.

There is also the comfort zone of the stripper. This is a profession where people are expected to bare everything, or at least come close to it, and so it is important to make sure that the dancer is kept as comfortable as possible. By maintaining a distance between patrons and the dancers that sense of comfort is maintained; after all, the more comfortable the dancer, the more comfortable she will be in removing her clothes.

An extension of that is club policy. Clubs themselves seek to make sure that their dancers are protected; again, the more comfortable the dancer the better. Some patrons have gotten a little too exuberant in their appreciation, and this has led to some unfortunate circumstances over the years. As such, maintaining a distance between the patrons and the dancers is a good idea.

Lastly. Some clubs will allow touching, but only for those willing to pay for the privilege. This is usually limited to VIP rooms, but regardless it is a privilege that will be a lot more expensive than just being allowed to watch. Between local rules, club policy, personal comfort, and economic issues, it is thus usually not a good idea to try and touch the dancers, unless of course, you wish to discuss the matter with one of the bouncers of the club in question.

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