Why Condo Renovations Singapore Are A Cut Above The Rest

Why Condo Renovations Singapore Are A Cut Above The Rest

Condo renovations Singapore are a cut above the rest. And that is because Singapore is easily the cleanest country in the world. You might say, well, it is a very small country–that is why. However, there are other small countries, but they are not that clean either.

The Real Deal About a City State with a Very High Standard

In Singapore, you can go to jail or get punished otherwise for littering. And before the advent of the self-flushing toilet, you can go to jail too, for just forgetting to flush. In fact, the first thing that you will be asked when you enter the country as a visitor is whether you have gum with you.

If you do, the gum will be confiscated. As you can see, gum is considered as a big menace in a state that prides itself in being spanking clean inside and out. And this is why buildings, lawns, and parks are regularly manicured as to look like they are not even real.

Higher than the Japanese Barometer for Excellence

Many Westerners regard the Japanese culture highly for its devotion to cleanliness, order, and an overall high standard of living. But wait till you see how Singaporeans live and you will see how spotless everything is, it is surreal. Visiting Singapore for the first time is like being in a different planet or living in a make-believe world.

Condos Are the Best Example of Singapore’s Gold Standard

So what does all these mean to condo renovations Singapore? The bottom line is you can expect the highest standard from Singapore renovation contractors. Meticulous attention to detail is to be expected at every stage or point in the construction process.

Expect Construction Projects to Take the Usual Toll

You can also expect all building codes to be followed to the letter. Likewise, you can expect government inspectors to perform their duties like clockwork. Do not expect shortcuts to be made at any point in the process. For instance, the plumbing and electrical will probably be the most time-consuming part of the project.

Good Is Not Enough, Best is Better

Further, all the required and necessary certification, licenses, and insurance will need to be complied with–no exceptions. So be sure to allot enough time for the project. As always, the three-quote rule is the bare minimum for awarding your condo renovation project.

So that, in a nutshell is why condo renovations in Singapore cannot be like anywhere else. Haggling for the lowest price in these parts, flea market style, probably will not cut it. On the other hand, you, the property owner will have access to all the styles, designs, and construction materials that money can buy.

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