How A Breathwork Coach Can Help You Manage Anxiety

How A Breathwork Coach Can Help You Manage Anxiety

Breathing is simple and straightforward but surprisingly, it becomes harder to do when you are in the middle of a stressful situation. Breathwork coaches can help you achieve the kind of breathing that can help combat anxiety and promote healing so that you can continue to function, even when under stress.

What is Breathwork?

Breathwork is a form of breathing technique that focuses on using mindful breathing to ground and center the mind. Breathwork is not a single therapy. It draws from Eastern practices, Tai Chi as well as Western wellness techniques, all with the end goal of achieving emotional and mental harmony that ultimately produces physical results.

Aside from helping achieve a calm mindset, breathwork helps the mind attain a level of oneness that encourages physical and emotional healing. This can be extremely important for those who regularly experience anxiety that manifests in palpitations, chest pains and other physical symptoms.

Long-term Benefits of Breathwork

Breathwork can help resolve deep-seated issues and feelings so that you can let go of negative and limiting beliefs. Breathwork techniques encourage self-healing by breathing into the body to dislodge stuck negative energy that may have been there for a long time. You can use inhalations to suck these energies up and out to release the energy and make more space for positive, nourishing energy. These effects can spill out to various areas of your life, from your relationships to how you perform at work or at school.

How Can a Breathwork Coach Help You?

A breathwork coach can help you train yourself so that full, mindful breathing becomes automatic. It is easy for breathing to become reactive when the body is under stress. Training can help the body maintain a calm and meditative state that is not easily affected by external factors.

A coach can also help you pick out the specific technique that works best for your goals. For example, holotropic breathwork is ideal for achieving wholeness of body mind and spirit using relaxation, music and bodywork. This technique requires a special certification that not all practitioners have. Rebirthing breathwork aims to resolve tensions of past trauma using conscious connected circular breathing. Clarity breathwork is another technique that requires in-depth counselling and somatic exploration.

A breathwork coach can help you achieve a calm, emotionally-balanced mindset by learning how to breathe fully. We all breathe, but we tend to overlook the importance of mindful, even, and deep breathing when we are preoccupied with other things. A coach can help train the mind to breathe properly so that you and not your emotions remain fully in control, all the time.

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