Seven Ways To Protect Your Hair This Summer

Seven Ways To Protect Your Hair This Summer

With the summertime just around the comer, you may already be preparing for the upcoming heat. Many women invest in a summer skincare routine, but forget to do the same for-their hair. Your locks take a beating from high temperatures, warm winds, and ocean and pool water. Keep your hair healthy and protected from environmental factors this summer with these seven effective strategies.

Get a Trim Now

Whether you read it in a magazine or learned it from your Upper North Shore Hairdresser, you may already know that regular trims can actually promote healthy hair growth and prevent split ends. Most hairdressers recommend getting a trim once every six weeks. Regardless of when you got your last trim, you should get another one right before summer begins. Doing this will protect your hair from further split ends, dryness, and breakage.

Deep Condition Weekly

You should deep condition your hair all year round, but it is especially important to do it in the summertime. For the best results, use a deep conditioner that is enriched with protein. This must-have ingredient protects hair follicles from further damage by binding to them and strengthening them. Protein treatments can leave your hair feeling dry, but you can counteract this by using a smoothing conditioner afterwards.

Look for UV-Shielding Products

Sunscreen protects your skin from harmful UV rays that cause premature signs of aging, but what’s protecting your hair? Exposure to the sun can cause your hair to turn brassy and loose its shine and volume. Many styling products include UV-protection, but you will mainly find it in hairspray and finishing spray formulas. Use UV-shielding styling products every time you head outdoors.

Spritz Your Hair with Water Before You Go Swimming

This trick may seem strange, but it actually works. Spritz your hair with water before swimming in the ocean or a chlorinated pool. By getting your hair wet beforehand, it will not absorb as much chlorine or salt water, resulting in less damage and discoloration.

Keep Detangling Spray Nearby

After swimming, you may feel tempted to brush your hair. If you have ever brushed your hair after getting out of the pool or ocean, you may have noticed that it breaks more easily. This problem has a simple solution. Mist detangling spray onto your hair before brushing it to prevent breakage. Try to use a moisturizing detangling spray to strengthen your strands.

Keep Your Hair Covered

The easiest way to protect your hair from the heat is to cover it with a hat. Fortunately, vintage-inspired and wide-brimmed hats are all the rage for summer and can accent any outfit.

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