Types Of Services By A Melbourne Immigration Lawyer

Types Of Services By A Melbourne Immigration Lawyer

You will need lots of professional support services if you are planning immigration to Australia. A Melbourne immigration lawyer can help you with different types of immigration services. Take help of a lawyer who specializes in this field. Most such lawyers have their website where you can submit your queries. An initial consultation can cost a fee of AUD$100-200. This fee may be returned back to you if you take help of the same lawyer for your immigration visa application. A wide range of professional legal support services are available from an immigration lawyer in Melbourne.

Migration Information

This information does not cost anything. Many lawyers send newsletters to people who have opted for receiving those newsletters through their emails. The newsletters contain latest information on Australian government’s immigration policies and other aspects of immigration to Australia.

Migration Plan Advice

It is a paid plan that gets you the service of an attorney for an hour. You receive about 60 minutes of meeting with the immigration attorney. At the end of this consultation, you will receive a written advice plan that will outline the legal strategies you need to use to pursue a successful visa application. You will learn about the associated costs. The lawyer will provide answers to all your queries. It is important to research your immigration subject and come prepared with the right questions. Write down all the questions you would like to ask and write down the main points of the answers during the consultation. You will learn if you are eligible for an Australian visa.

Migration Coaching

You will receive complete legal assistance with the help of a few submission templates. The lawyer will help prepare your application and coach you in various aspects of immigration application. This service can cost about AUD$2000-3000.

Full Service

This service includes everything you will need to assist you in your family immigration to Australia. The lawyer will help submit your online visa application for you. The lawyer’s office will follow it through until it has been approved. You will receive 10-15 hours of legal assistance which is valid for 1 year. This service can cost AUD $4000-5000.

Business Visa

It requires a different approach compared to the individual visa. A lot more research is needed to make sure your business visa is approved by the authorities. This service costs more than the individual visa assistance service. The quote is available after you provide some basic information as required by the lawyer. The fee for this service is negotiable.

Some lawyers offer guaranteed migration services. You should be wary of using such a legal service. The charge is very high and there may not be any real guarantee of visa application approval. At best this service comes with more services like resubmission of your first time unsuccessful visa application at no extra charge to you. Check all these details before paying for the legal services of a Melbourne immigration lawyer.

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